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Real Talk: Facebook PDA*

As I mentioned last post, I’m going crazy. One thing that has wanting to punch myself in the face extremely much is Facebook PDA. Via wall posts and statuses.
I know what you’re possibly thinking: if I am so sick of it I should just quit Facebook. (Regardless, I can’t: I am addicted to reading a pointless newsfeed and I depend on Facebook for mass communication and creeping on strangers)

But there’s more too it than that.

It’s that people genuinely don’t understand privacy. And I kinda think that they subconsciously need reassurance by others about their love for their significant other. Because let’s face the facts: Facebook has two more private and appropriate ways besides statuses and wall posts to show your lovin to your significant other: inbox messaging AND instant messaging. And here’s the other, even better thing: In the world of technology these days, not only is there the all mighty Facebook, but most people have cellular telephones with the ability to call AND text message. And beyond that, there is technology such as emailing and video chatting on computers!! WOW! Who knew there were so many options?! (*sarcasm*)

So people on Facebook (particularly teenage couples who have recently been forced into long-distanceness because of college), I get it. You love your boyfriend or girlfriend. BUT, let’s be honest, the whole world does not care enough about/really want to read how much you miss your baby and how lucky you are and how you only have 62 days till you see each other and how you love them and how you’re proud of them and how you miss them more and how hard it is to be apart etc. etc.

Why don’t you Facebook PDA-ers try these new things called privacy and confidence.
Be confident enough in your relationship that you don’t need Facebook PDA to show the world how much you love your special someone. Be confident that you don’t need others’ reassurance about your cuteness or love. Be confident that your boyfriend or girlfriend knows you care, without showing the world. Use privacy to keep a special closeness between your lover and yourself. Use privacy to spare others from wanting to gag themselves with a spoon. 

I mean sure, the occasional spontaneous wall post is fine. But I think the mushy stuff deserves more respect than a public shout-out. If you’re interested in mushy public shout-outs, I recommend a blog. Blogs are read by those who genuinely want to read what you have to say. Facebooks are read by you and your hundreds of closest acquaintances. It’s the truth.

Real talk: Facebook PDA via wall posts and statuses are almost always a no go except for rare circumstances. Try blogging to spice up your social media lovin’. Understand levels of privacy and respect them. Love your lover without needing subconscious reassurance.

*This is all just my personal opinion (obviously), but I think some people could really use this opinion of mine to their advantage. And the advantage to those of us going crazy.


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