Awkward, College, Deep thoughts, Really?!

Dear college,

First you take my friends away. Then you take my BEST friends away. Then you punch me in the face and steal my boyfriend. And THEN you leave me with the crazy old parents by stealing my brother?!

Who do you think you are.

Not only do you take people from me, but you take money from my family. You take the money that my dad has so lovingly saved up, and you throw it down the drain. College, I know you’re supposed to be a good guy, but I’m not seeing it yet. I’ve been forced into my own version of solitary confinement and I’m going crazy. No normal socializing. Distanced from the true outside world because SCU doesn’t start until September 17th. Tormented by Facebook PDA, a mom who’s all to concerned about buying everything before I get to school, and re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress and Friends. Haunted by the fact I won’t see my boyfriend until three and a half months from now.

I’m losing it. I can’t do this. I have nothing to fill my time. And no one by my side (unless you count the parentals….ehhh? Or my dog? mehh).

At this point, my white flag is raised. I surrender college. I’ve ordered my books, raided IKEA, and lost my closest friends. I need you to take me away. I need something to distract me; for my own sanity. Something like moving, difficult classes, a heavy workload, socializing, friend-making or maybe even job getting.

College, you’ve managed to drive me crazy. And I haven’t even started yet.

However, I’m hopeful I’ll see your good side eventually. Like in a couple weeks.
But for now,
I’m just crazy.
Rachel Zalkind


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