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I went to New York City with my family from the fourth to the ninth of this month! My parents booked the trip last minute because they wanted one last family vacation before my brother and I are officially college students. We did a lot of walking, to the point where my comfiest flip flops and sandals gave me blisters, and we did some sightseeing and show watching! However, we did not do the classic Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Time Square shopping, Madam Tussaud’s orrr much Herald Square shopping. To my dismay, my parents wanted to avoid things we’d done before (4.5 years ago) and in the process, avoid massive crowds. But here’s the thing, you can’t avoid tourist crowds downtown during the summer. Lamesauce.

I really don’t think anyone cares about too man of the details, plus, with my lack of blogging lately, I don’t have the time or motivation to provide them. So… here is the basic rundown of our trip….

Day 1: The Met (so sophisticated and artsy), Times Square ticket booth (SOMANYPEOPLE), Cuban food (soooo goooood), Potted Potter (off broadway experience, funny, but not exactly worth the $), and walking fifty(million) blocks in a downpour? (it was rough. and I’m very surprised I didn’t get foot fungus from walking through the streets in that nonsense)

Day 2: Macy’s (under construction + full of people + only had 20 minutes to cover 8 stories = not the best shopping experience), Chinatown (we ate lunch, smelled gross fish, and got asked if we wanted handbags or watches), Seaport (so touristy, cool boats, nice view of the water, bought tickets), Rock of Ages (hilarious, sooo many sex references/jokes, semi-scandalous costumes for the girls, included ALL popular rock songs, PG13 recommended by me)

Day 3: 9/11 memorial (saw people crying, learned more about the attacks, amazed by rebuilding), Staten Island Ferry (pretty views, good time waster), Comedy Show (awkward with parents), Dinner at midnight (pretty good diner place!)

Day 4: UN Tour (cool concept, not so cool execution, but on the dull/bright side, we couldn’t go in one of the assembly rooms because they were getting ready to film a Beyonce music video!!!), One Man Two Guvners (hilarious and charming play- even had some unexpected audience involvement and improv, but I seriously couldn’t understand half of what they were saying when they were rambling in their British accents)

Funny things I noticed in the city:
The dogs being walked on the sidewalk
The kids with nannies
Homeless men who ask me and my brother if we smoke
People who sleep on subways
The smelll eww
The little Chinese men/women in Chinatown asking if I want a watch or handbag
The pure trashiness of Times Square
People walking around in heels like it’s no big deal
People running down the street/downstairs/through station to catch a train
Extremely ridiculous prices for everything- especially parking
The same street performers doing the same show 8 years later
The lack of a normal grocery around the upper east side (just kidding, I did see one)
People eating out all night, every night
Interactive touch screen tv things in taxis (kept me up to date on the latest celeb gossip)

NYC you are a delightfully unique place. It was good to visit but also good to go home. Does that make any sense?


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