Awkward, Random

Hello Mr.Blog!

Yes, I took a selfie with my dog. And to make it even better, I did the duck face. What have I become?!?
Just when I thought I was getting good at this blogging thing, I stop posting regularly. Darn it. Here are some excuses reasons why I have not posted lately:

  1. I went on a trip to New York City with my fam bam this past week-ish. We didn’t do all of the classic touristy things because “we’ve done them before” -mom and dad said, since we went to New York four and a half years ago… when I was a little awkward middle schooler. Maybe I can post more details/picures of the trip soon? Plan!?
  2. I’ve been crazy busy lazy lately. Every day I must wake up feeling depressed about my life and the lack of activity going on. My friends are all working full time jobs or busy getting ready to leave. My younger friends have other friends and sports to fill their time. And then there’s just me. Sitting on my computer, browsing the webs, texting my boyfriend (still don’t get why he’s not sick of me), getting angry at dramatic facebook statuses about people going away to college, and web-stalking my favorite bloggers and/or friends of them?! It’s gotten a little too weird. I envy their lives. Nuff said.
  3. I have absolutely nothing to post about. If I had posted lately it would’ve been something about: what I’ve discovered while on the web lately, my less then desirable eating and exercising habits, my dog and how he twitches while sleeping/dreaming, the movies I’ve watched lately (I love my town’s library too much), or my fantasizing/dreaming/worrying about my future, my hair problems (maybe I’ll post about it anyways), my need for more money (who doesn’t have this desire), or my obsession with watching the olympics on TV.
  4. Other blogs are much more exciting, which discourages me even more. One thing I’ve tried to do lately, which I haven’t done before, is enter to win giveaways from a couple of blogs! The only problem is I still haven’t figured out if my comments have been submitted successfully since I have a wordpress blog and the others have blogspot blogs and I don’t want to use my google account to leave comments. Any advice or tips?
  5. No one reads this, and if I don’t have anything monumental to post about, I know I won’t care to read about it later in my life.

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