Deep thoughts, Lists


…as I knew it
getting up earlyish, sitting at a desk, learning, socializing, smiling, studying, testing, stressing, exercising, pondering, repeating, graduating

…as I know it
sleeping late, sitting around, moping, mowing, napping, eating, walking, surfing the web, waiting, anticipating, watching TV, reading, imagining, watching Netflix, thinking, analyzing, wondering, freaking out, counting down days, making lists.

…as I will know it
moving, adjusting, socializing, schooling, studying, testing, making friends, missing friends (and family), skyping, learning to live the college life.

…as I wish I knew it
earning money, traveling freely, doing humanitarian work, spending time with everyone I want to without dilemmas, living close to who I want in my life, content with almost everything.


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