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Swing Lo Magellan!

What? Is the title of this post jibberish? No, silly goose! It’s just the name of the Dirty Projectors’ new album. Yes. Dirty Projectors. The band Spencer and I saw at the Bluebird Friday night! We made it happen. The concert didn’t sell out so we headed downtown(ish) after Spencer got off work and we listened to some crazy hip indie music! And because we got there early enough (and because Spencer is a music freak who knew about a secret password found on twitter) we each got a free 7 inch Dirty Projectors record with two unreleased songs!

Wye Oak opened the show and they were interesting. They were a duo with a cool girl singer/guitarist and a guy drummer/percussionist!  There stuff was pretty mellow but good. I wish I could’ve understood what the girl was saying though! The sound was a little ehh.

But the main act was quite enjoyable! The Dirty Projectors are so so so crazy cool. They’re unique.  Their songs are all over the place. But they had so much energy and spunk. And the girls’ voices were pure and angelic and perfect. They hit EVERY note every time! I was a little bummed I didn’t know many of the songs they were playing since most were from their brand new album. But it was still a great show. And we had a great view from the front of the first left railed section! The highlight for me was “Stillness is the Move” their second to last song. It was amazing.

What a great show. And an even greater person I got to go with!
Cross that one off of the summer list suckas!!
PS photo credit Spencer Wood


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