Awkward, College, Random

freshman orientation then and now

All I can say about college orientation is that if high school taught us anything, it’s basic social skills.

In high school:
Everybody knew/recognized most of everyone from middle school
We sat around silently, unsure of ourselves, lacking confidence, too awkward to introduce ourselves or make small talk. We were too cool for icebreaker games. It took us three years to be comfortable talking to half of the people in the same group of people.

In college:
Everybody knew nobody in the groups we were split into.
We were ourselves. We were nervous, but we introduced ourselves. We made small talk. We were friendly. We played icebreakers and enjoyed them for the first 3 hours. There were some awkward silences, but, It took all of half a day to get going on a social journey. We knew how to be reasonably confident, social creatures.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


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