College, Deep thoughts

friday the 13th

The freakiest part of my Friday the 13th was simply realizing that I survived college orientation!
Although, I do suck at remembering names, a few stuck with me, I wasn’t noticeably more awkward than anyone else there, and I am tired. But I do very much appreciate the hard work of the orientation leaders. Although we were indeed treated like an educational summer camp, it’s easy to see their love for Santa Clara and their peers.

I’m excited but scared to move in this fall. I realize how easy it is to meet new people and be friendly. I also know that finding my niche might take a while. I might not have close friends til the end of freshman year. I might be very freaked out by the party scene. But hey… maybe not!! It’s all changing, but I can definitely see the explosion of opportunities coming at me full speed ahead. It’s going to be crazy, but hopefully rewarding and a positive experience. Orientation definitely felt like I had picked the right school (even among awkwardness and strange people). I just hope for the friends to come with the school that promises so much! Gahh!

I was welcomed many times the past couple days, but nothing really made me think more than when Father Treacy spoke of educating, supporting, and encouraging “the whole person” at SCU. I was awe struck with the level of openness and acceptance of all backgrounds and, in particular, faith at the school. The Jesuit philosophy has opened my eyes to how inclusive a school can be. Even with a tie to Catholicism, the religion is not pushed upon people one bit. Students are encouraged to interact among all beliefs and act with open minds. People are respected rather than disturbed, and challenged in only a way that can help them grow stronger in their beliefs, whatever they may be. It makes me wonder if this is something special that sets it apart from other schools. Having an official religion yet taking humanity into account first.


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