College, Food

because i’m a “make the world better” kind of person…


I thought I would make a public service announcement because I care about the betterment of society.
So here it goes:

For all you chicken eaters and cow supporters, TODAY Friday, July 13th, is Cow Appreciation Day at none other than the amazing Chick Fil A!!! If you have ever eaten at Chick Fil A, I’m sure you love it. I’m sure you’d also love to know that if you celebrate Cow Appreciation Day by dressing up as a cow, you can get FREE FOOD AT CHICK FIL A!!! A partial (lame) costume gets you a free entree and a full on cow ensemble gets you a free meal!
Please participate. Do it for me! Because I am out of town in Santa Clara, California where the nearest Chick Fil A is 60 miles away. Sad, I know.
You’re welcome about the heads up for free food.
Go get your cow costume on! Do it. Now.


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