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summer camp all over again

Oh goody! Tomorrow and Friday I get to be treated like a little kid as I figure out important stuff about none other then college! Ahhh yes I can’t wait for name games and icebreakers with strangers. On the plus side, I won’t have to sing stupid girl scout songs just to get into the dining hall for dinner! At least I hope not? I really don’t know what’s in store.This could be iffy. But hey, it’s not girl scout camp any more! That was only in the summers before fourth, sixth, and eighth grades!

In case you didn’t catch my drift, tomorrow is the first of two days for college orientation. Sh*t’s about to get real. I won’t know my roommate until august but hopefully I’ll meet some friendly people who maybe I will be able to call my friends after two days of nonstop togetherness? Or maybe just facebook friends? Ehh… good enough for a loser like me!
Wish me luck. My social skills are definitely going to be put to the test. I’m feeling like I should go for the “nothing matters, be super outgoing and friendly” approach rather than my “ahhgh alkjf;alsf awkwaaard uncomfortable silent talk to maybe one person” approach.
Wooo yeah! College yeah! Go Broncos? Can I say that yet?

On a side note, today was pretty delicious. I had a FREE SLURPEE in honor of 7/11 day AND a whole meal at In and Out! Fries extra crispy! AND I saw soooo many pretty flowers while meandering campus con mi papa. I love you California. I hope you bring me good things the next four-ish years.


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