Loveydovey, Music, Random

So darn mushy

Tonight I officially became aquainted with the band Avalanche City. They’re from New Zealand and they sing cute songs about cute things like love and sunsets. That’s the first song I heard by them, “Love Love Love”. I love the video because it features penguins as the main characters! But the song makes me so happy for some reason. Probably because the first place I heard it was in a very happy video about two lovebirds that I don’t even know.

I also watched this video of their new single “Sunset” (I don’t think it’s available in the US yet? YouTube for the win!)

Just some simple, pleasant, sweet, catchy tunes. A little repetitive sounding, but too adorable to pass up! So go listen to Avalanche City if you love adorable music on nights like this!


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