Lists, Random, Really?!

Is it just me?

Is it just me or….
– Did it really take me until today to distinguish between the words compliment and complement
– Is it freaking scary searching for anything on Facebook because the status update is just below the search bar so typing and pressing enter could lead to embarrassment when trying to innocently Facebook creep?!?
– Is America a little trashy? But the trash is just part of who we are!?
– Are blender blades really easy to prick your finger on? Gosh I’m stupid.
– Could everyone benefit from owning a nice camera?
– Could my dryer tell me the clothes are done a little sooner before they get all wrinkly?
– Is going off to college more scary than fun? (Hopefully this will change)
– Is a guy being really [stereotypically] romantic actually just a super cheesy and uncreative attempt to win over a girl?
– Is the world starting to end? There are SO MANY fires around here lately!
– Is Channing Tatum the sexiest man alive? (Yeah I just saw Magic Mike. Sue me.)
– Is everyone jealous of those people with incredible voices and/or artistic talent?
– Does everyone get super excited when you can get  a HUGE drink at a gas station for only 99 cents?
– Do other people have dark circles under their eyes that NEVER go away too?
– Are s’mores one of the greatest American inventions of all time?
– Is losing one sock in a pair common?
–  Is hardcore Facebook creeping socially acceptable nowadays?
– Is not wearing makeup oddly refreshing?
– Are shish kabobs the ideal summer grilling food?
–  Does everyone suffer from a lack of focusing when trying to accomplish something on the computer?
– Will the doctor’s office ALWAYS put me in a nervous/awkward/uncomfortable/angry mood?
– Is the program “paint” suddenly very awesome and “useful” when you own a tablet laptop?
– Are choco tacos da bomb?
– Does everyone prefer rain unaccompanied by thunder and lightning?


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