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we were (road)trippin [part 4]

Day 7: “Y are we doing this?”
One of the last things on my Utah “should do” list was crossed off when I semi-forced us to go hike the Y. My phone’s GPS led us to a mysterious parking lot instead of the one we saw in the distance with cars parked everywhere. But we ignored the obvious wrong navigation and instead, we just followed the path that was in front of us. Because not all who wander are lost! We wandered over to the start of the trail head! And let me point out, our timing was perfect. We didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to hike, yet the trail was still covered in shade the whole way up! But ehh. I did indeed think to myself “why are we doing this?”(I didn’t think of the pun until now though). Who knew such a popular hike could be so steep and literally breath taking. Every turn we reached was a mini accomplishment in my head. And man did I feel good about myself when I saw many babies and old people coming down the trail while I was doubting my abilities to make it to the top (read:sarcastic tone). But don’t fear, we made it to that glorious white cement Y. And we took a few pictures. Actually I took a few pictures of a random group…they were quite a hoot. We took a couple selfies, and sat and admired the view. And it was actually quite peaceful when it was only me and Spencer at the lower part of the Y. And then we skipped back down the hill and got to laugh at the people trying to make it up the mountain, in the sun! (Ok maybe we didn’t skip, but I definitely had an evil laugh at a few families that had barely left the parking lot and had kids pouting) After hiking, we picked up Spencer’s younger siblings and ate J Dawgs for lunch. mmm good. Provo food checklist completed. The rest of our day was spent wasting time and preparing to go home.
Day 8: Homeward Bound
We left before 8am and went back to Monroe. Spencer’s younger siblings were dropped off at grandma and grandpa’s to stay another week. And we drove home. But actually, his mom and dad drove home, so we got to chill. For over 8 hours. It was very pleasant not having to drive. And by dinner time, I was home!
We not only survived, but thoroughly enjoyed a week of nonstop togetherness. Wish it could happen many more times actually.


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