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we were (road)trippin [part 3]

Day 5: Pure Utah
We had to get the car back to Spencer’s dad (who flew in for the wedding we went to) so he could pick up the rest of the family still in Monroe. We didn’t think we’d get to do anything exciting during the day. But oh no no, we did. First exciting thing of the day was a trip to Cafe Rio with the whole family. It was my suggestion to go since I’d never experienced it before. Everyone insisted that they loved it, so we all went! I had a pork burrito enchilada style with hot sauce! And I ate every bite because I was so hungry and it was incredibly good. After lunch, Spencer’s family was waaaay too nice, because they let us steal the car from them again! And I made Spencer drive all the way to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument/park area. This time, we had a true hot, uphill, steep, threat-of-rocks-falling-from-above hike to the cave entrance. The tour lasted about an hour and the 45 degrees inside the cave was very refreshing. I didn’t put a jacket on until my sweat dried and my leg hairs had completely grown back from goose bumps. Overall, the caves and the hike were beautiful and worth the $10 each we paid to get into the canyon and experience a cave tour. Ooh! And after, we had JCW’s for dinner, another Utah original. The shakes were deeelicious.
Day 6: Just A Typical Mormon Wedding
(The title’s supposed to be funny because I definitely don’t know much about typical Mormon weddings) We hung out with the family all day because it was Spencer’s cousin’s wedding day! His cousin was the groom- just so you know. We got to the Timpanogos temple around 9:30. All the “adults” went inside for the ceremony but  Spencer and I got to wait outside together. I met more family members after they came out of the temple. We then cheered when the bride and groom came out. And took a few group pictures. And then headed off to the famiy luncheon back in Provo at BYU. Where I met more family members. And fell in love with homemade butter mints. Lunch left us ready for chill/nap time at grandma Wood’s. And then we went to the wedding reception where I felt like too much of a wedding crasher to stand in line to meet and greet with the bride and groom and their parents. I had already met the groom’s parents (Spencer’s aunt and uncle) and I thought that was good. BUT, I regret not saying hi to the rest of them, even if it would’ve been awkward. I should’ve just done it to be grateful and kind. Instead I was super awkward sitting at a table by myself eating the best cheesy artichoke dip ever. Yikes.


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