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we were (road)trippin [part 2]

Day 3: Smorgasbord Adventure
We “hiked” to Bridal Veil Falls in the morning. Then we almost died when we actually tried to hike up to the falls. We seriously failed. I don’t know how you other Utah people did it. I was even wearing my adventure shoes (Northface hiking shoes) and I ended up sliding down a steep hill on my butt thinking I was going to die. (Thank you tree root for saving my life) The hill was SO steep and the rocks were SO loose. It was SO sketchy. But we got pictures at the bottom in the water. And it was a pleasant sight to see, and dip our feet in. After going back “home” to shower, we met up with our friend Keenan at BYU for lunch. We got subway. And walked around. And I wore the-shortest-shorts-ever-seen-in-the-whole-history-of-BYU. My bad? I felt very self conscious surrounded by the cute and stylish Bermuda shorts wearers. So much so that I still feel like I want to buy a couple pairs of cute Bermudas. I only own one. After catching up with Keenan and getting a feel for campus (I was feeling a little bittersweet since it’s where Spencer’s off to soon), we did the weird and unthinkable. We took a trip down to good ol’ Spanish Fork where we visited the Hare Krishna temple! We were the only visitors there. It was a little strange but the woman we spoke to was super nice and after she told us a little  about the temple and religion, she let us walk around freely. So…we went to see the llamas!! We fell in love with their cute awkwardness… we could totally relate to them! ha….! The only other part of our Tuesday adventure was going to the mall where Spencer became intrigued by the guy’s section of Forever21. It was great.
Day 4: SLC baby!
We slept in. And then drove to Salt Lake for some quality waffle eating and shopping. If there was anything I truly learned when I went to Salt Lake in April/May, it was that Bruges Waffles and Frites has food sent from heaven. So what did we do right when we got to Salt Lake around lunch time? You bet we went to Bruges! And ordered waffles with fruit and creme fresche (probably spelled wrong)! And Spencer was the smartest man ever when he decided to order fries to complement the waffle sweetness with some pure salt and grease. mmmm! So.good. But I felt like I was dying after eating everything. So worth it though. After waffles and fries, we shopped at City Creek. Spencer bought dress clothes at H&M (so hip) and I bought some random stuff at Forever 21 and Cotton On. That took forever so we didn’t have much time to pay justice to Temple Square. In fact, I even made Spencer flustered because he wanted to leave before rush hour and I wanted to find the perfect stranger to ask to take a picture of us in front of the temple. It didn’t happen. And so, there was a bit of tension on the way back to the car/ on the drive home. We stayed in for the night and babysat Spencer’s little cousins. They are the cutest. And after they went to bed, we watched about 65456 more episodes of Friends. Since they had every episode of every season at his aunt and uncle’s house where we stayed. Lovin life.


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