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we were (road)trippin [part 1]

The rumors are true! I spent a week (Sunday June 24 – Sunday July 1st) in the lovely state of Utah with my bestfriendslashboyfriend, Spencer (and his family!). The first night we spent in Monroe, but the rest we stayed in Orem, the town that is Provo’s not quite as cool neighbor. We stayed with Spencer’s Aunt and Uncle and their two cute daughters ages 1.5 and 4. Here’s a day-by-day of the trip! I’m posting in four parts because otherwise it would be waaaay overwhelming.
Day 1 : On the Road!
We left the ranch right after the Woods got home from church and right after I had lunch with my family at Corner Bakery.We drove a solid eight hours total and only stopped in Grand Junction for dinner (Wendy’s) and gas. Our final stopping point for the night was Monroe, Utah. We spent the night with Spencer’s grandma and grandpa in their pink house!  What made it particularly amazing were the variety of ice creams to choose from for a late night snack and the entire collection of Friends episodes. Not only did we have mint chocolate chip ice cream, but we also had glorious huckleberry! Tillamook, why have I not known of you until now?!
Day 2: Welcome to Provotown
After some needed sleep, breakfast, and showers, Spencer and I broke free from the family and stole the car. We didn’t actually steal it, but we took it away and left them in Monroe for the next four days. Then, we drove from Monroe to Provo/Orem. We took a pit stop in Mona. Reason being, I wanted to find THE Mona Rope Swing. But of course, with no data connection to help us with directions, we drove around town but couldn’t find it. On the plus side, we had waaay too much fun joking about polygamists. Sorry I’m not sorry. And I almost pet a cow! But then it ran away from the fence. When we got to Provo, I was way too excited because we ate lunch at Costco! And man do I love Costco! Costco has free samples almost all the time, and their food is cheap and goooood. And I can’t forget to mention that we got free dinner that night at Malawi Pizza since they brought us the Jimmer when we ordered the meat safari. Provo problems.


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