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Mad Props to ‘merica!

Mad Props to the country….

  • That knows more than any other how important freedom and personal expression are
  • That celebrates its birthday by launching something China invented into the air
  • That knows how to supersize and offer unlimited refills
  • That celebrates with eating contests and mediocre bands playing at parks
  • That knows wearing red, white, and blue will always be considered patriotic even if you try to avoid it
  •  That celebrate’s its birthday any day of the week
  • That invented so many cool things
  • That scares other countries
  • That helps other countries
  • That is not afraid to be known as US, USA, the States, America, ‘merica, ‘murica, United States, or United States of America
  • That is a melting pot of cultures
  • That displays federalism at its finest
  • That I live in 🙂

Go America.
Thanks for letting me spend an evening with family, wearing red white and blue and playing bocce ball. Thanks for staying the same great country for a long time. Yay political stability!


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