pet peeves of social networking

Facebook: Posting statuses as if everyone cares about every detail of your life. Posting selfies consistently. Posting 300 pictures of a week long trip instead of showing everyone only your favorite 50. Having a conversation with one person on a thread multiple people are tagged in. Spamming a newsfeed by posting “truth is” statements on fifty peoples’ walls. Friend requesting me when we’ve never spoken in real life. Spamming newsfeed with political opinions or biased, not thought provoking infographics or pictures. “Liking” pictures to prove you love god or you care about soldiers or you think babies are cute. Posting statuses directed at someone but not stating their name. Having basically EVERYTHING about your profile visible to the public. Posting pictures of obvious underage drinking.

Twitter: tweeters that start with funny or inspirational tweets and then just post links to dumb websites or retweet other crap. People who tweet instead of texting. Tweeting about something repetitive or unoriginal. Following people you don’t know (in the same sense as Facebook)*unless they’re promoting their own business. Trying to contact celebrities by tweeting @ them too many times. Using too many hashtags because you think you’re witty. Tweeting every two seconds. Visibly trying to maintain a higher follower than following count. Making a fake account to be funny and get attention when it isn’t funny.

Instagram: People thinking they are skilled and every picture looks artsy/professional with a filter. Using fifty million hashtags to try to make it to the popular page. Posting pictures edited on the computer (I feel like it should stick to mobile stuff since it is a phone app). Primarily posting food pictures. People primarily posting selfies.

Pinterest: Planning a wedding when you don’t even have a boyfriend. Pinning about kids when you don’t have any.Pinning gift ideas for your gift receivers to see. Pinning how to,DIY, or product pictures without a link.


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