Lists, Random

mad props

: to those people in high school who can work a job (or two) and pull off good grades
: to my dog who gets SO excited for his walk everyday
: to people who are madly in love
: to people who spend many hours with me
: to people who pay for their own college
: to people who appreciate a good pun
: to people who found a summer job in their home town
: to kids clothes size xl that fit me and look non-kidish (yay for being small)
: to people who can draw beautiful things!
: to people who genuinely love vegetables
: to people that work out daily
: to people who appreciate traveling
: to people that work multiple jobs
: to people that don’t hate on me for watching Real Housewives
: to smart phones
: to people who don’t have a facebook and still have a social life
: to people that give good hugs
: to people at school during summer
: to people who are photogenic ALLTHETIME
: to people I can always talk to
: to people who can parallel park
: to people who have seen Zoolander and love it


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