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impulse/not-so-impulse buy

I’m definitely contradicting myself a little after last post. But I do hope you’ll understand.

A few days ago, I was pitying myself at the onset of depression. Ok maybe not true depression, but I had a crying meltdown the night before because of my failing job search and draining savings account. But regardless, to cheer myself up, I went virtual shopping. And I became even more in love with the crochet lace Toms as mentioned in this post. When I say “in love”, this is not an exaggeration. I imagine myself wearing them, I google pictures of them, I read hundreds of reviews about them, I dream of them and I long to have them on my feet.  I have seriously been stalking these things for the past two years. They’re super pricey. But I decided, in self-pity, that I officially needed them. I couldn’t watch them sell out in my favorite color and go out of stock for another year.

So guess what. That’s right, I bought myself a “graduation present”. Or a “be happy your life doesn’t suck” present. Or a “holy crap those are cute shoes” impulse/not impulse buy. And man was it risky, I made my transaction on the Nordstrom website, not even the real Toms website!!!  I just really hope they are still legitimate when it comes to the “one for one” principle. But Nordy’s has free shipping! So it was cheaper (hey, I’m not contradicting myself anymore!). And they had the right color in my size. I wanted either the silver or natural color. had neither in my size. Dumb.

I ended up ordering the “natural color” and I’m hoping they won’t get too dirty too fast. They probably will because I’m a slob who spills stuff a lot and isn’t afraid to puddle stomp. And if this does happen, I will not be afraid to put these shoes in the washer. Just throwing that out there. The lame part is, they are back ordered until a month from now. But still, I am getting Toms. And that is that. I officially don’t know how to spend money responsibly.


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