Guilty confession.

I am a cheapskate.

I’m so cheap, that I sped to the grocery store to return the Redbox dvd I rented yesterday (50/50, and yes I would highly recommend it. Mostly because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt but also because it’s a great movie) before I was charged a whole dollar for another day’s fee. I’m so cheap that while at the grocery store, I noticed the latest edition of People magazine (with Drew Barrymore’s wedding and Miley Cyrus’ engagement featured) and I picked it up and read it while pretending to browse through the aisles, because heck, I ain’t paying $3.99 for that. I’m so cheap I “steal” music from the library sometimes (please don’t tell on me). I’m so cheap, that I get depressed when I notice the needle on the gas gauge in my car has moved even the slightest bit. I’m so cheap I try to order kid-sizes at ice cream places. I’m so cheap 90% of my clothes were bought on sale.  I’m so cheap I fulfill the desire to shop by browsing online stores. I’m so cheap even minimum wage sounds like a LOT of money. I’m so cheap I drive 10 miles to a gas station that’s two cents less per gallon than three closer stations. I’m so cheap I try not to remember my atm pin.

I think I’m too cheap.
Please forgive me.


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