Music, Random, Really?!

Lost and Found / Really?!?

I MUST see a concert this summer. It’s just one of those things. I mean yeah, it’s on the summer bucket list, but beyond that, nothing screams summer more than heading to Red Rocks or downtown for some ear-pleasing entertainment!

Unfortunately, I missed my chance and lost the opportunity to go to this show, the Bon Iver and Feist Red Rocks concert that happened on May 31st. While I was super psyched about going and getting a ticket in this post, I was hesitant to drop the cash and purchase so far in advance. [Really?! I was that dumb? Ugh..] And beyond that, I didn’t get a ticket for my birthday. And beyond that, the show sold out. [Really?? Everyone likes Bon Iver and Feist as much as I do?] And beyond that, I didn’t think of craigslist until the last minute when I didn’t know if I had enough time to drive somewhere to get tickets and/or get ripped off. [Really, I had high hopes of getting tickets last minute, until I realized I was out of time. Really, why didn’t this idea come to me sooner?!]

So…to my utter regret… I did not attend the show. And now I must suffer the consequences of reading about the pure delight attendees had. Although on the plus side, there are crappy YouTube videos to watch!! The video quality is terrible, but the sound is STILL incredible, REALLY! I’m now lusting after the memories people have. Ugh.

FORTUNATELY, today, I found a different, more affordable, probably-not-going-to-sell-out concert. [Really?!] The Dirty Projectors and Wye Oak are coming to the Bluebird on July 20th! I’m kind of excited because this time, things are different. We’re going. For sure.  [Really?? I must ask myself] We’re purchasing tickets and getting there early and we’re going to enjoy the show.

So… there you have it. A lost and found experience. I just wish I wasn’t that stupid. Oh well, I’m going to spend less money for a “more intimate” show now! Although on the negative side, it probably won’t be as incredible as Feist and Bon Iver. Ehh oh well. As my dad always says, “It is what it is.”


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