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things i wish i knew earlier in highschool

– Your best friends will always be there for you even if you are busy and have a terrible social life
– Volleyball will not always be as fun as it once was
– Style is what you make it, not what is in window displays
–  Dancing is also what you make it; and there is NO need to make it dirty
– Try your best but don’t always compare yourself to others (those soccer girls are just too good at life)
– Getting a B in an honors or AP class REALLY IS like getting an A. So don’t sweat the small stuff
– Braces keep the boys a safe distance away. So don’t worry about the everlasting awkward phase.
– Standing on the sides of the hallways is one of the smartest things you can do at school
– Complaining doesn’t help with anything
– Facebook is not exciting to check every two minutes
– Don’t be afraid to take on responsibility
– Talk to and hang out with more people. Staying sheltered doesn’t help your personality or social life
– Awkward phases end a little, but awkward personalities last forever HOLLA!!
– Befriend younger AND older people because it will help you make the most lasting relationships
– Certain boys can open your mind and your heart while others will always act like 12 year olds.
– Don’t expect to get into college because you have the right scores/GPA… you gotta be more interesting than that
– Everyone starts going their own ways senior year and you can’t help it. So try to be positive!
– Illegal activities will be done for fun. And you made the right choice by not doing them
– Talking to teachers isn’t a bad thing. They can help you a lot.
– Blogging is pretty fun!


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