Loveydovey, Random

THE List

In order to encourage semi-spontaneous, youthful, and innocent fun this summer, I created a list of things to do. This is kind of a bucket list because the boyfriend and I will be headed off in two very different directions come August. Well, metaphorically speaking of course, because we’ll both be heading west to some extent! I’m super excited to get things crossed off the list because they are pure fun and memorable. I suppose you could consider these things “date ideas” but from my perspective, I would do these with any good friend!!
Some of the things on the list include: Hiking, watching the sunset, hosting a party, road tripping, concert going, photo-shooting, golfing, tennising, teaching me how to drive stick, shopping, exploring the greenbelt, cooking, making a music video, and EATING a variety of foods (like choco tacos, pho, bang bang shrimp, breakfast burritos, Belgian waffles and more!)!
So far we’ve accomplished a few things mediocre-ly: Go to Walmart, watch the sunset, stargaze (not very successfully), eat ice cream for dinner (resulted in stomach aches), take selfies (only because we never take pictures together), and watch many many episodes of Friends (but really, what’s new since it’s on TBS everyday and Nickelodeon every night)!


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