10 Things, Lists

So you say I’m legal; now what?!


Yes. The big 1-8 hit me recently. But it wasn’t so big of a deal. I got a pearl necklace and earrings, which is apparently a thing when girls turn 18! And I had some great times. However, I got to thinking, there are some cooool things I should try to do this summer or even year since I’m so cool now. Things like…

  • Buy myself a lotto ticket?
  • Pet puppies!
  • Go to some mediocre sketchy club? ehhh maybe not.
  • Gamble on an Indian Reservation? First I need money to spend.
  • Drink in other countries?
  • Vote?
  • Sign waivers myself?
  • Pay taxes? ….first I need a job…hire me?!
  • Love life! Plan!

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