10 Things, Lists

Lately I’m Grateful For…

: My best friends for their company and (basically) free dinner on Wednesday night! Just look at the dessert we had!
: My brand new high-low skirt from Forever 21. It’s black with medium-sized white polka dots! It’s probably too trendy for me to pull off- but I’ll wear it anyways!
: Our DVR for holding many reality TV recordings including the Real Housewives of Orange county, the Voice, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and the Office (guilty pleasures yiiikes)
: White cheddar cheese its and their salty melt-in-your-mouth addictiveness. Even though I ate half the box in one sitting.
: My boyfriend for just being there for me when I’m emotional about the future and little details of it that scare me.
: My tennis team for always making me smile with our similar senses of humor!
: Instagram for helping me attempt to make pictures artsy. Sorry I’m not sorry I’ve posted a billion pictures and have only one true follower.
: My mom for always making delicious dinners for us: My dad for complementing me on my new skirt and being concerned about my phone’s battery life.
: Bloggers- who I’ve found through creepy methods- that let me live vicariously through them and/or shape my life goals by their amazing experiences. ie: I better get to backpack around Europe sometime within the next few years!
: Afro dog (pictured above). For being way too cool and making me way too happy when I petted it’s fuzzy head and made a gif of my friend petting it!!!


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