Monday Wonder, Random


Monday wonder: Was today really as great as it seems? Or am I just a crazy optimist right now??? Check it out-
Today…..It was raining so I got to wear my rain boots! Score! I missed 5/7 classes (score!) to take an AP test (boo) but on the plus side, I got it over with and I got chick fila for lunch (score!)! Score three for me! I went to Starbucks instead of speaking Spanish during sixth (score!)! And received multiple compliments (score!) and talked about what really matters in life during seventh. Serenaded my boyfriend by singing muppet tunes with my twin (score!). Had tennis practice where I wore my Perry the Platypus shirt, played four on four, and my partner and I worked on belly-bumping (score!). And went to Starbucks AGAIN after practice (score!). Also, I can’t forget to mention my tweeting skills are improving drastically with each hashtag I type #score! If you can’t tell, today I am #winning! And if you’d like to be one of my two followers on twitter, make sure you follow me @rachelzalkind!

If anyone’s counting, the score is Rachel: 9 Haters: 0. Thank you and goodnight.


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