Winding Down

I can’t believe there are only 17 days until graduation. Not even school days. Just days. It’s starting to become oddly real that classes are drawing to an end and finals aren’t even too big of a deal. People are worrying about what cords they will receive instead of which class they should do their homework for. Teachers show little effort to plan lessons or grade work. And I find myself in a rough position: missing majority of school days left for AP tests or state tennis. And all of this is right after being gone for DECA and tennis regionals. Man do I have my priorities straight! Oh wait…

The taste of bittersweet-ness is starting to invade. I’m becoming a softy. Although I’m usually not a crier, the DECA senior dinner got to me. I was with some great friends and I couldn’t help but think about what a tremendous impact DECA has had on my development as a person. I entered marketing class sophomore year by pure peer pressure and knowledge that DECA ran events around the school. By junior year, I was drawn in as a trusted junior to join the officer team and I had enough enthusiasm to write a manual and create a presentation with bro. We got first place at state. Holla!!!

This year, me and my marketing “mom and dad” (really, they’re just friends who I’m not afraid to be weird with) have led our chapter and really gotten to see how much we’ve grown as people. We’ve learned not only knowledge about marketing and event planning, but knowledge about life. We’ve learned confidence and work ethic and we’ve strengthened our personalities. I think without realizing it, we’ve truly bonded more than many of my other friends since we have been through the thick and thin together. It’s crazy to think that after three years together in class, they’ll both be going to CSU while I head off to California. Not to mention everyone else in the world is going separate ways. Ugh I can’t think too hard about all of this or I’ll explode.

To conclude: DECA ICDC was super fun and successful! I don’t attend school very much even though I need to study for finals and do well. I am becoming a cry baby who freaks out when thinking about coming life turning points. DECA has taught me more than I realized. I’m thankful for the three years of class/bonding I’ve had with my DECA mom and dad (they know who they are).


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