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those people on planes

I came home from Salt Lake City a couple hours ago. And one thing I got to thinking about was people on planes.

Today, I was flying by myself so I took a window seat expecting to be quiet and listen to music for an hour or so and then be home. But with a completely full flight, I got to sit next to a cute couple who were in their sixties. Not only were they adorable, but they were from Tennessee. Yes, they did indeed have southern accents. From the beginning of the flight they struck up conversation. They were mildly surprised I was flying alone. The woman learned my age and automatically started scrolling through her iPhone to show me a picture of her grandson who is my age while saying how handsome and talented he is. When she was struggling to find a picture”he looks good in” her husband replied “by the time you find the picture, she’ll be married!” The flight attendant had to ask her to turn off her phone. They teased me to find out if I had a boyfriend and asked me about my future plans for college. They we’re “proud” of me when I ordered water as my drink and turned away salted peanuts. The wife leaned on her husband’s shoulder while reading. She also tried to use the internet while on board, while failing to make the connection that airplanes don’t usually have internet. They still looked at pictures that were on her desk top together. The wife offered me M&M’s and I couldn’t resist. They insisted the candy was a graduation present. She tried to get me to eat more, but I stood my ground. And once the flight ended they both cooed at the baby girl in front of us. They told me good luck, God bless me, and to tell my parents they have a great daughter. I left smiling.

These people made my day. We never even exchanged names, but they could’ve been my grandparents for how sweet they were (not to mention they were just an adorable oldish couple and you could tell they loved each other)! It just goes to show you that, maybe, sitting next to strangers on the plane doesn’t have to be awkward or looked down upon. Small talk can go a long way in making someone’s day. And people on planes come from all walks of life. What’s wrong with meeting someone fun or interesting? And if the small talking doesn’t get anywhere, who cares? It’s small talk! So: don’t dread the independent traveling at times. And if you’re super adventurous, I dare you to willingly sit in a middle seat! Say whaaa!

Be genuinely nice to others on planes. You never know who you’ll meet and how they could affect you.


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