10 Things, Fashion

10 things my closet could use

Not that I am in desperate need of any of these items, but with reasonable prices (every thing is under fifty dollars, people!) and so much potential, what’s not to love about these spring trends and lovely pieces! Agh I’m way too good at fake online shopping. You get the same thrill of shopping except without going broke or owning clothes. Yessir.
  1. Chambray shirt like this one from American Eagle [$39.50]
  2. Neon yellow flats like these from Old Navy [$19.94]
  3. Colored skinny jeans like Target’s [$22.99]
  4. Fun circle skirt like this spotted one from ASOS [$32.72]
  5. Casual cream lace skirt like H&M’s [$29.95]
  6. Bib necklace from Eclectic Ornaments’ Etsy Shop [$50]
  7. Casual shirt dress from Forever21 [$14.80]
  8. Red suede bracelet watch from Meggie’s Love Etsy Shop [$20]
  9. Vans canvas authentic low pro in pewter [$45]
  10. White jeggings! (I bet they’re comfier than regular skinny jeans!) From American Eagle [$44.50]

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