Monday Wonder, Random, Really?!


Monday Wonder: Am I bitter? Or is this a proper amount of sass?

  • Really? I have to come to a “college level”  “science” class to be told to copy a power point on to paper for homework and then watch a movie for the rest of class time?!?
  • Really?! you expect me to do better on the next test when I STILL don’t understand how to do anything related to calculus?
  • Wait, so you have the authority to stay home while I do your busy work at school? REALLY?
  • So what you’re telling me is you gave me a granola bar as dessert? Really?
  • Really, double faulting three times in a row. Is this varsity level playing?! Really?!
  • Reeeeally stomach? Growling when I eat two whole meals and it’s not dinner time yet?
  • So I don’t know you but I can see your pictures, posts, tweets, comments, friends list, videos, and birthday? Really?!
  • Your bruise has every color of the rainbow?! REALLY!!
  • Pinterest is for women and Tumblr is for men?? Really?! Hmmm.
  • All natural applesauce with chunks in it? Really?
  • Really? Instagram works on my phone!?
  • Really, one person felt the need to post 100 pictures of prom night?
  • Can I hear the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” any more than I already have today?? Really?
  • Really, my nail polish can’t stay un-chipped for more than 48 hours.



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