A year and a half of umeruhh being together!

It seems like just yesterday I was getting asked to umeruhh be together with that guy up there. Being with him makes me so happy! And man has time has flown. We’ve aged so much together (funny joke because of the pictures, right?!). I love everything he has taught me and he adds so much to my life! I love that I can be myself- in any emotional or physical state (serious,joking,energetic,sleepyANYTHING)- with him. He is so caring and knows how to keep me smiling basically as much as possible. We’re so honest and open with each other and we’re best friends as much as anything! Now we just need to get a decent picture together…. at least this is what we have to look forward to in our older years!! We be lookin’ good and I’m excited to see where the future takes us! And yes, I am aware that these pictures are both weird and creepy.

P.S. Newly downloaded app as displayed above = Aging booth- by the makers of fat booth!


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