Monday Wonder, Travel

Spring.Break.2012. Cali baby!

My break was filled with…..

  • Sleeping (What’s new)
  • Volunteering (Yay Habitat ReStore and Eagle Scout project!)
  • Rejection (I don’t wanna talk about it)
  • Acceptance (See below)
  • Pondering (“)
  • Blogging (Derderder)
  • Creeping (Make me stop. I’m a stalker freak)
  • Four days in California (Woah say whaa)

Here’s the low down on the four days in California folks:

Day 1: Travel to/ Santa Cruz/Shopping

Momma and I went to California dreaming of sun rays and beach waves. But when we got there it was just plain chilly. Good thing we had our cardigans, coats and umbrella ella ella ey ey ey to help us out over our trip. Anyways, in Santa Cruz we walked around, ate lunch, and went to the beach where walked down the pier (is that what it’s called??). Let me tell you, I hate seagulls. And they own that pier. So I was a bit bitter the whole time. They were too close for comfort. And there were too many of them. And they pooped everywhere. And they were loud. Ugh. But on the plus side, the other obnoxious animals that live under the pier, the sea lions, were hilarious. Later that day, we went to the Westfield mall in San Jose where I got a lovely long sleeve shirt that helped me maintain a decent body temperature the next day in SF!

Day2: San Francisco

American tourists, expensive parking, Asian tourists, FOOD, rain, British tourists, PRETTY FLOWERS, rain, wind, ALCATRAZ, rain, walking, LOMBARD STREET, rain, and the drive back!!

Sour dough bread, GREAT use of our $2 Old Navy umbrella, naturally ferocious hair, my phone camera, the Alcatraz audio tour, and walking miles made this pure FUN despite the uncalled for wind and moisture!

Day 3: Winchester Mystery House/Santa Clara University

Holy crazy house. And I officially love touring somewhat historical mansions. My love affair began a couple summers ago at the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island but that’s not very relevant to this crazy bizarre house! Sarah Winchester was a little crazy and too concerned about appeasing the spirits. But man is her house fascinating. And lovely to look at on the outside! Too bad no one’s allowed to take pictures of the inside. We had fun walking around what was quite confusing- thank gosh for our strange tour guides. I was a little confused at what was truly old and what had been restored but no one knows anyways since she built it for 38 years straight!

After lunch, we headed to tour Santa Clara University. It’s a Jesuit university with about 6,000 undergrad. There’s really nothing bad about it really. So possibly I might go to college there since I ACTUALLY GOT ACCEPTED THERE SAY WHAAAA! It was exciting. Trust me. HA. Who knew I’d be the one getting rejected everywhere except SCU. The school has a kick-butt location, amazing internship/job opportunities, and a strong study abroad program. Sounds nice to me! Plus the buildings were all pretty modern and there was bright green grass and colorful flowers everywhere!

Day 4: Travel home

Boring. But on the plus side, I got Costco soft serve on the way home from the airport! Costco rocks!!! Holla!

Monday Wonder:

Where will I go to college?


  • CU: In-state option (affordable, close to home, mountains and yeah um weed anyone?! Just. Kidding.)
  • NAU: Random nonsensical option (Free application, filled out as a joke, also affordable, um that’s all I have to say)
  • SCU: Out of state adventure option ( Nice campus, good location, internships, study abroad, size, business school)
  • AU: Wait-list / test my luck option #1 (Same reasons as above school but with DC flare. Also more metropolitan.)
  • W&M: Wait-list / test my luck option #2 (Adorable campus, good programs, love Virginia. Probs not getting in so who cares)

My gut says there’s something special about SCU.

It meets everything on my list of criteria. I can’t really think of anything bad besides possibly the quarter system, only having one dining hall, and the massive price of tuition/transportation. HA. But seriously. It’s a serious option. Seriously. Just have to work on committing. Yikes.

Aight no one cares about this so, night! And maybe I’ll post some pictures from California soon? They were being very stubborn when I tried.


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