Be my best friend?

Is it weird I have one sided friendships with blogger superstars?

You know, the ones with the most adorable love story, perfect hubby, rockin’ sense of style, a seemingly extremely  interesting everyday life, and a bubbly personality!
Yeah….. them.
They’re the ones I’m in love with.

And while I’m perfectly content with my life and friendships, I can’t help but wonder what they’d be like to meet. They are in their twenties, an odd age difference from me, but they seem like they could be nice sisterly figures?!

But seriously, I love that their personalities are totally readable from their blogs! And they’re so open about their life which makes them almost incredibly too relatable!  LIKE THEY’RE MY FRIENDS.

Ughhhh I don’t know if I can get any creepier without becoming a full fledged stocker a la blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I choose no.

I’m not sure what I’m getting at here except for there is a good side of social media and blogging. They express themselves and record their thoughts while making some side money from sponsorships too! What a concept. Plus they meet other bloggers and become bffs. Cuuuute.

I’m semi-obsessed with their lives and I will continue to read their blogs for as long as I have time and find them interesting. And maybe I should start entering to win free stuff from their giveaways too??

They inspire me to blog better. That’s all.


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