Immature Old Married Couple

Today I left my house in the late afternoon to go spend time with my boy.

When I got there he was in the middle of a League of Legends game. He lovingly stayed at the computer playing for 30 minutes or so while I nagged him to clean the kitchen. Then I walked in the other room to keep myself entertained by watching a movie on the Xbox. I complained when I couldn’t get the sound to the right input. I made him fix it and he was stubborn when I wanted to know how. I gave him a hug but told him to hug like he meant it. He got confused since he didn’t know how to hug any better than he already was. He cleaned the kitchen and I tried to help. He insisted he could do it himself. He was bitter that I deleted pictures from his phone. I told him to grow up when he tried to delete them from mine. We watched the movie together and soaked in all of the cheesiness.

During these rather uneventful couple of hours, I still managed to laugh uncontrollably, smile more than usual and have fun.

We act like an immature old married couple. It’s a little weird.



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