Two YouTube Gems

These are two lovely YouTube finds. They have absolutely incredible voices and talent.

1. Kiersten Holine

I wish she was my best friend or something because she seems that cool. This girl can cover anything perfectly AND she has original songs too!! I have no doubt you’ll subscribe after listening to her flawless voice and renditions of songs by anything from the Beatles to Fleet Foxes! Not to mention HER song writing is great and I can’t wait to hear everything on her new album that’s coming out soon!

Here’s her cover of “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver

2. JT Royster

JT is a great songwriter! And, he’s got some beautiful banjo, guitar, and song writing skills! And, he’s stinkin adorable! Listen to his music and it’ll inevitably calm you down and lull you into a state of bliss. Check him out and subscribe. Because this guy’s got talent. He also has free music to be downloaded on his bandpage! My personal favorite is his song “I Will Form”. It’s about cuddling. And there’s banjo. And it’s super catchy.

Ahh yes, it’s his very own “I Will Form”-


If you’re cool like me, you’ll be playing these people’s YouTube videos on repeat for many days to come! You areee welcome!


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