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Too Demanding: A Birthday Wish List

Somebody has a big birthday coming up soon. And I have a crazy wishlist of freakish desires. Here are my top five. One of which is already for sure since I earned it and it is semi-educational.

1. Trip to Salt Lake City- Already guaranteed!

This one will take place over my birthday weekend! After placing first at my state’s DECA competition, my partner and I will travel to Salt Lake to compete at the ICDC. While in Salt Lake, we’ll be taking a day trip to Park City as well as visiting the Lagoon Amusement Park right near the city. I’m excited that my friends’ and my work has paid off. This will be a trip I will always remember. I’m so fortunate I have this opportunity!

2. Ticket to See Bon Iver AND Feist in concert- together- May 31 at Red Rocks!!

I flipped out when I stumbled upon this concert while Facebook creeping. How great would this be to kick off the summer?!? Justin Vernon and Leslie Feist, together?! I might fall asleep because of the pure state of bliss I’d be in, but I know I would be ohso happy!!!!! I should probably stop banking on somebody who birthed me to kindly get me a ticket. I might have to take this one into my own hands. If only I wasn’t so anti-Ticketmaster fees and spending money I barely have. Good thing this is worth the money.

3. TOMS Crochet Women’s Classics

Oh.My.Golly. These lace TOMS have been in my dreams ever since they were available probably a year or two ago. It was heartbreaking when they were discontinued. I thought they would never come back. UNTIL, I found them on Pinterest! Man do I hate to love Pinterest. But anyways, these shoes are back and so I think it’s a sign that I must add them to my shoe family! They are precious, feminine, lacy, creamy, cute deliciousness!! Again, I wish they wouldn’t be so pricey, but hey, I just have to remember, “One for One”  is what it’s all about!

4. A nice family dinner, possibly with key lime pie or cheesecake

I can’t be too selfish when thinking about the extent of birthday dreams because, I have my lovely family no matter what!! And incase you didn’t know, I have the incredible opportunity to share my birthday That’s right, I’m a twin. So, to keep birthday tradition alive, family dinner is a must! Because next year, who knows where life will take us! Momma always makes great desserts too!

5. A fun night with my boy!!

We always have fun together. So for my birthday, spending time with him would be more than enough. He is too kind to me and I love every minute we have together!


In conclusion,

I am a happy girl. Who already has a great life. But my dreamy and demanding self would be ecstatic if my birthday wishes (at least a couple) were fulfilled! As for the hefty purchases, I might just have to slide some of my savings down the drain.


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