when you’re enough of an adult to make home a vacation destination

I’ve been abusing my blog and failing to journal since my belongings at school are in a box for the summer. BUT


Working at WePay has been wonderful. Except now I’m the only intern left and they have NO work for me. SO WUT.
I went home for a week. August 15-23 to be precise.

It was what I expected and what I didn’t.

My family went to see Craig Robinson perform the night I got home. I hung out with all of the families we usually do. We had Teagan’s birthday party and Kayla’s moving away party the weekend I got there. Then since Trevor was still home, we took a family hike one of the days. Hmm what else, I hung out with just Kayla and Alex a couple times. I got stuck at home a couple times since my car is now in California. Resultingly, I watched a LOT of TV and Netflix. I went to a Rockies game one night. Drove to the airport to drop Trev off one morning. I went to the DMV and took my 21+ picture. Spoiler alert: It’s not very good since I have the least defined jaw line and pudgiest face EVER. On Friday night when I was home, I took my dad’s car and went to Boulder. I caught up with Leia, Natalie, and Rachel. AND at dinner with Natalie, we had sake bombs for the first time. Then, back in the ranch, I hung out with Tinker and Leia. And my parents and I saw another comedian. And that’s about it!!! Lots of sleeping and relaxing. Not much adventuring. And I didn’t quite make it to Fort Collins (oops). But it was nice to see my people, meet Bernie the dog, and relax.

I wish I had a bit more time to enjoy the mountains and company of BFFs. And it would’ve been good to see more friends. And show California people around my places. But for now, those are dreams and too high of expectations. Who knows about winter break or another time!


Life as it is right now

This is feeling settled and sure of things. Loose ends have been tied. Minors declared, jobs scheduled, friends surrounding, the mystery of the boy solved. I am a student invested in upper division classes, working two jobs, balancing a variety of friends, and even dating someone!? I am “busy” but not too busy. I have freedom but am dependent on people who have been there from the start. I find myself more independent than ever yet afraid of competition and life moving too fast. I am grateful to be living in such a wonderful place with incredible people who inspire me and challenge me.